Good Start Checklist

Use this checklist to prepare for the semester.

Before classes begin:

Confirm classes in myLoneStar.                 The myLoneStar portal contains all your registration data.Navigate myLoneStar
Know campus resources.

LSC Success
Pay any balance due.Find your fee statement on the Student Center page of the myLoneStar portal, under My Finances. Navigate myLoneStar
Check on your financial aid.
Navigate myLoneStar
Locate your official college email.
Locate your D2L email.
You will have 2 email addresses while at Lone Star College. All official college correspondence will use Email within a D2L course will use is difference between D2L and Lonestar email?
Install a browser supported by D2L.If you use an unsupported browser, you could have trouble.Supported Browsers
Find and read course syllabi.The course syllabus is the agreement between you and the instructor. The instructor expects you to know this information.Find Course Syllabi
Purchase textbooks and other required materials.Purchase textbooks, but do not open them until you confirm with the instructor that you have the correct book.Find Textbooks
Become familiar with VLAC (Virtual Learning Assistance Center).This page is in the Virtual Learning Assistance Center. VLAC is the knowledge base for online courses.VLAC
Complete the Student Orientation for Online Courses.The Student Orientation for Online Courses is the easiest way to learn to navigate a D2L course.Student Orientation for Online Courses

First day of class:

Know who your advisor is.Find your advisor on the Student Center page of the myLoneStar portal, under My Classes.Navigate myLoneStar
Learn to use the D2L calendar.
Managing Calendar Tasks
Confirm your classes are listed in D2L and the link to each is active.If not, email your instructor.Find Online Class
Complete all introductory assignments found in the online course.