My Name is Incorrect in D2L


  1. Determine if your name is incorrect only in Brightspace; or is it also incorrect in myLoneStar.
  2. If your name is incorrect in your student record on myLoneStar, you will need to provide documentation of your legal name to Student Services at any of the campuses.
    • Commonly used documentation includes Texas driver license or Texas identification card, military ID, Unexpired U.S. passport, or legal documentation of a name change (marriage license, divorce decree, court ordered name change)
  3. Once your name is correct in myLonestar, contact the Service Desk if it remains incorrect in Brightspace after 24-48 hours.

Contact the Service Desk

  1. Contact the Service Desk.
  2. The technician will document the issue and provide you with an incident number.
    Please have the following information ready:
    • Student ID Number

Call 832.813.6600 (toll free 866.614.5014)

Contact the Instructor

  • Let your instructor know you are pursuing a name change.
  • Email within the course.