View Feedback in a TurnItIn Assignment

If your instructor set up an assignment so that you can view Originality Reports or GradeMark feedback, you can use the following steps to locate the results and feedback.

  1. Click Course Activities on the navbar and choose Assignments.
    Identifies assignments
  2. On the Assignment Submission Folders page, find the assignment you're looking for and click View Feedback in the Feedback column.
    Identifies View Feedback link
  3. Click on the colored bar under Turnitin Similarity to view the marked paper. Identifies the colored bar with Turnitin similary score.

The Turnitin Similarity column shows your similarity score. This shows how similar your assignment submission is to other submissions in our institution and the Turnitin database of submissions. If your instructor has enabled the ETS e-rater grammar check then you will see the e-rater link as well. Clicking the e-rater link shows your grammar feedback. If you have any questions, please ask your instructor.

Viewing Feedback in a Assignment