Binder for iOS

Binder provides a way for students to read and organize documents from courses. Binder is an integrated digital reader of most document types. It includes essential annotation tools, allowing the student to personalize and supplement their digital experience with documents. It also works offline once the documents are downloaded.


Student Uses 

Create a free EduDentity account online

  1. Go to the EduDentity website and create your free account to use with Binder. 

Installing Binder App

  1. Search for Binder in the App Store.
  2. Tap Get.
  3. Once it has downloaded, tap Install.

Log in to or out of Binder

  1. Tap the Shows Binder icon. Binder icon.
  2. Do either of the following:
    • Tap Sign In, to log in with your EduDentity account.
    • Tap Continue with Facebook, to log in with your Facebook account. 

Create a connection to the D2L Learning Environment

  1. Tap the Shows Add icon Add icon and then Add Document.
  2. Enter as the web address for your online course(s).
  3. Tap Connect.
  4. Tap Alternate Login.
  5. Enter your login credentials and tap Log In.
  6. If you see the message "Application Desire2Learn Binder is trying to access your information. Would you like to proceed?", click Continue.

Add a document

You can add documents from your D2L Learning Environment or other accounts to the D2L Learning Environment app. Documents you download appear in the My Binder view.

  1. On the My Binder screen, tap Shows Add icon then, Add Documents.
  2. In the Add from D2L Courses section, select a course, then navigate to the file you would like to import. 
  3. Click the title of the file to select it, then tap Import.
  4. Confirm your select by clicking Import Documents.

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