PLA Internal Challenge Exam Courses

Credit for the following courses can now be obtained with a passing test score on the internal challenge exam for that course. Contact your college Testing Center in order to make arrangements to take a challenge exam.

BCIS1305Business Computer Applications
CETT1402Electricity Principles
CSME1254Artistry of Hair Design I
CSME1310Introduction to Haircutting and Related Theory
CSME1501Orientation to Cosmetology
CSME1505Fundamentals of Cosmetology
DFTG1305Technical Drafting
DFTG1309Basic Computer-Aided Drafting
MCHN1302Print Reading for Machine Trades
EMSP1338Introduction to Advanced Practice
EMSP1355Trauma Management
EMSP1356Patient Assessment & Airway Management
EMSP2134Assessment Based Management
EMSP2330Special Populations
EMSP2305EMS Operations
EMSP2306Emergency Pharmacology
EMSP2434Medical Emergencies
HART1407Refrigeration Principles
HITT1305Medical Terminology I
ITAL1412Beginning Italian II
ITNW1325Fundamentals of Networking Technologies
ITSC1301Introduction to Computers (OR COSC 1301 - Introduction to Computers)
ITSE1302Computer Programming
ITSW1301Introduction to Word Processing
MCHN1343Machine Shop Mathematics - Available Fall 2020
METL1405Welding Metallurgy I
NDTE2311Preparation for Certified Welding Inspector Exam
PHRA1102Pharmacy Law (for AAS students only)
PHRA1304Pharmacotherapy and Disease Process (for AAS students only)
PHRA1305Drug Classification (for AAS students only)
PHRA1309Pharmaceutical Mathematics I
PHRA1347Pharmaceutical Mathematics II (for AAS students only)
PHRA1413Community Pharmacy Practice (for AAS students only)
PHRA1449Institutional Pharmacy Practice (for AAS students only)
POFT1329Beginning Keyboarding

*Students must provide evidence of current LMRT licensure before taking any of the following RADR challenge exams:

*RADR1313Principles of Radiographic Imaging I
*RADR1409Introduction to Radiography & Patient Care
*RADR1411Basic Radiographic Procedures
SGNL1401Beginning American Sign Language I
SGNL1402Beginning American Sign Language II
SLNG1211Fingerspelling and Numbers 
SRVY1301Introduction to Surveying
WLDG1428Introduction to Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)
WLDG1457Intermediate Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)