(PLA) Prior Learning Assessment by Portfolio

PLA by Portfolio allows students to request course credit for knowledge and skills acquired through employment, cooperative (co-op) education, and/or training. Lone Star College will not award credit based solely on years of employment. Experiences must be verifiable and demonstrate achievement of learning objectives for the requested course credit to be awarded. In addition to documentation, students may be asked to display specific skills and/or complete an interview to assess content knowledge.

Advisors will verify students meet general PLA criteria then refer them to a program contact (faculty member, department chair, or dean). In this process, students interact closely with a program contact to complete the following:

  • Determine whether credit assessment through portfolio is suitable
  • Identify eligibility requirements specific to portfolio assessment
  • Review LSC course learning objectives that must be mastered through the prior learning experience
  • Receive guidance on documenting learning and collecting evidence

Courses Approved for Credit

Portfolio is a suitable credit assessment option for a number of courses. PLA by portfolio is not limited to the academic programs and courses listed below. Students must speak with a program contact to identify course credit opportunities within a content area.


EDUC 1301 Introduction to The Teaching Profession

Eligibility Requirements - Students must have successfully completed the following high school courses

  1. Instructional Practices in Education and Training (INPREDTR) 
  2. Practicum in Education and Training (PRACEDTR)


BMGT 2303 Problem Solving and Decision Making

HRPO 2307 Organizational Behavior

Pharmacy Management

PHRA 1361 Clinical I

Eligibility Requirements - Students will need to provide acceptable documentation for the internship experience. Acceptable documentation to prove the completion of the above internship experience would be a letter from an employer or instructor under whom the student completed the hours of community pharmacy internship experience.  The letter should include the name of the retail pharmacy the student completed the hours with, a description of the types of activities the student participated in, the dates of the clinical experience, and the total number of hours completed by the student.  The letter should also indicate the supervisor verifies that the clinical experience completed by the student provided them with adequate experience to prepare them for employment in the industry.