Use a Digital Signature

A digital signature is a mathematical method used to validate the authenticity and integrity of a digital document. Digital signatures are unique to each signer, like a handwritten signature. Some documents used at Lone Star College may require a digital signature.

Download & Save the PDF Document

A PDF that can be digitally signed will not function properly within a browser so it must be saved to the computer.

  1. When viewing the document in D2L, click the Download button below the document.
  2. Depending on the browser, you may be prompted to Save or Save File. Click it. 
     Shows the Save as prompt.Shows the Save File option.
  3. Click the dropdown menu beside the filename. Then click Show in folderIn Firefox, downloads are found in the upper right corner of the browser.
    Identifies the downloaded file and the Show in folder option. Identifies the downloaded file..

Open the PDF Document in Acrobat Reader

  1. Locate the saved file and double-click it to open it in Acrobat Reader.
    1. If that fails to open the file properly, search for Acrobat Reader in your Programs or Apps folder. 
      Shows Acrobat located via Windows Search field
      1. Open the program.
      2. Choose Open from the File menu.
      3. Navigate to the saved document and select it.
      4. Open the document.

Create A Digital Signature

  1. Place the cursor into the signature field. This will open the Digital ID prompt.
    Shows Signature Field
  2. Click Configure New Digital ID. (If a digital ID file is already listed, you may select an existing ID and click Continue.)Shows the Configure New Digital ID, Cancel, and Continue buttons.
  3. Select Create a new Digital ID.
    Shows Create a new Digital ID option.
  4. Select Save to File. Click Continue.
    Shows Save to File option
  5. Complete the required fields of the Digital ID; Name and Email Address.
    Shows the Create a self-signed Digital ID options.
  6. Enter a password and confirm. Then click Save.
    Shows the Apply a password fields.
  7.  Click Sign.
    Shows the newly created signature and Sign button.
  8. When prompted, click Save to save the signed document.