(PLA) Prior Learning Assessment by Continuing Education Articulation

Credit may be awarded after a student meets eligibility criteria specific to this assessment option: 

  • When the CE course was taken, it was part of an articulation agreement (linked or non-linked) 
  • Student achieved a grade of "S" in CE course(s)
  • Student is enrolled in a Lone Star College credit program
  • Prerequisites for credit course have been completed (review exceptions to the prerequisite requirement)

CE to Credit Articulation Agreements

Linked Courses

Linked Continuing Education courses are select CE courses with learning experiences identical to a credit course. CE students participating in linked courses receive the same instruction, assignments, and assessments as students completing the equivalent, semester credit hour course. Since 2005, linked courses have been identified as "combined" sections in the class search. CE courses must be linked at the time a student completes the course to receive credit. 

Non-Linked Courses

Non-linked Continuing Education courses consist of learning experiences comparable to a credit course. In addition to completing the CE course(s), students may be required to demonstrate technical skills and/or provide industry certification. An agreement to award credit must be in effect during the semester a student completes the CE course to receive credit. See below for a complete list of agreements to articulate CEUs to semester credit hours.

Non-Linked CE to Credit Articulation Chart


Effective DateCE Course(s)Credit Course(s)
June 5, 2002CACNT 2102501, Accounting I Principles, ComprehensiveACCT 2401, Principles of Accounting I

 Emergency Medical Services

Effective DateCE Course(s)Credit Course(s)
April 2, 2003CEMSP 2100102, EMT-BasicEMSP 1501, EMT-Basic
April 2, 2003CEMSP 2100102, EMT-BasicEMSP 1160, EMT-Basic Clinical

 Fire Science

Effective DateCE Course(s)Credit Course(s)
Spring 2010CFIRS 2204401 Driver/Operator-PumperFIRS 2344 Driver/Operator-Pumper

 Foreign Language

Effective DateCE Course(s)Credit Course(s)
July 10, 2000CFRNL 2109118, French, Beginning IFREN 1411, Beginning French I
July 10, 2000CFRNL 2109119, French, Beginning IIFREN 1412, Beginning French II
July 10, 2000CFRNL 2100153, French, Intermediate IFREN 2311, Intermediate French I
July 10, 2000CFRNL 2100154, French, Intermediate IIFREN 2312, Intermediate French II
July 10, 2000CFRNL 2107161, German, Beginning IGERM 1411, Beginning German
July 10, 2000CFRNL 2107162, German, Beginning IIGERM 1412, Beginning German II
July 10, 2000CFRNL 2100163, German, Intermediate IGERM 2311, Intermediate German I
July 10, 2000CFRNL 2100164, German, Intermediate IIGERM 2312, Intermediate German II
July 10, 2000CFRNL 2109122, Spanish, Beginning ISPAN 1411, Beginning Spanish
July 10, 2000CFRNL 2109123, Spanish, Beginning IISPAN 1412, Beginning Spanish II
July 10, 2000CFRNL 2100173, Spanish, Intermediate ISPAN 2311, Intermediate Spanish I
July 10, 2000CFRNL 2100174, Spanish, Intermediate IISPAN 2312, Intermediate Spanish II
July 10, 2000CSPNL 2104205, Spanish for BusinessSPAN 2316, Spanish for Business
July 10, 2000CFRNL 2100184, Spanish Conversation ISPAN 1300, Spanish Conversation I
July 10, 2000CFRNL 2100183, Spanish CultureSPAN 2324, Spanish Culture

 Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technology

Effective DateCE Course(s)Credit Course(s)
February 28, 2003 CHART 2100701, Refrigeration PrinciplesHART 1407, Refrigeration Principles
February 28, 2003CHART 2104101, Residential Air ConditioningHART 1441, Residential Air Conditioning
February 28, 2003CHART 2104201, Commercial RefrigerationHART 2442, Commercial Refrigeration
February 28, 2003CHART 2104901, Heat PumpsHART 2449, Heat Pumps
February 28, 2003CHART 2203401, Advanced Air Conditioning ControlsHART 2434, Advanced A/C Controls
February 28, 2003CHART 2203601, TroubleshootingHART 2436, Air Conditioning Troubleshooting
February 28, 2003CHART 2204301, Industrial Air ConditioningHART 2443, Industrial Air Conditioning
February 28, 2003CHART 2204501, A/C Systems DesignHART 2445, Air Conditioning Systems Design
February 28, 2003CCETT 2100201, Electricity PrinciplesCETT 1402, Electricity Principles

 Interpreter Training

Effective DateCE Course(s)Credit Course(s)
July 27, 2000 CSLNG 2109114, Visual/Gestural CommunicationsSLNG 1215 Visual/Gestural Communications
July 27, 2000CSLNG 2109107, Fingerspelling for the Interpreter Training and PracticumSLNG 1211 Fingerspelling and Numbers
July 27, 2000CSLNG 2109113, Deaf Community IntroductionSLNG 1317 Introduction to the Deaf Community
July 27, 2000CSLNG 2109111, Interpreting Profession IntroductionSLNG 1321 Introduction to the Interpreting Profession
July 27, 2000CSLNG 2109102, American Sign Language, Beginning ISGNL 1401 Beginning American Sign Languages
July 27, 2000CSLNG 2109103, American Sign Language, Beginning IISGNL 1402 Beginning American Sign Language II
July 27, 2000CSLNG 2109104, American Sign Language, Intermediate ISGNL 2301 Intermediate American Sign Language I
July 27, 2000CSLNG 2109105, American Sign Language, Intermediate IISGNL 2302 Intermediate American Sign Language II
July 27, 2000CSLNG 2109108, Interpreting ISLNG 2401 Interpreting I
July 27, 2000CSLNG 2109110, Interpreting IISLNG 2402 Interpreting II
July 27, 2000CSLNG 2109112, Interpreting IIISLNG 2431 Interpreting III
July 27, 2000CSLNG 2109109, Interpreting in Educational SettingsSLNG 2315 Interpreting in Educational Settings

 Logistics Management

Effective DateCE Course(s)Credit Course(s)
Fall 2011LMGT 6109301, Certified Logistics Associate and LMGT 6109302, Certified Logistics TechnicianLMGT 1319, Introduction to Business Logistics


Effective DateCE Course(s)Credit Course(s)
Fall 2017DFTGC 2102506 - Basic Blueprint Reading (Blueprint Reading & Sketching Machining)MCHN 1302 Print Reading for Machine Trades
Fall 2017MCHNC 2103805 - Basic Machine Shop 1MCHN 1338 Basic Machine Shop 1
Fall 2017MCHNC 2104304 - Machine Shop MathematicsMCHN 1343 Machine Shop Mathematics


Effective DateCE Course(s)Credit Course(s)
Fall 2017IEIRC 1102001 Electrical/Electronics and Hardware
and MAIRC 1102102 HVAC Basics
and ENERC 1103001 Basic Mechanic Skills for Energy
and INMTC 1100501 Introduction to Industrial Maintenance
CETT 1409 DC/AC Circuits
Fall 2017HYDRC 2104504 Hydraulics and Pneumatics
and INMTC 1100501 Introduction to Industrial Maintenance
and ENERC 1103001 Basic Mechanic Skills for Energy
and BUSGC 210202 Work Skills for the Workplace
HYDR 1345 Hydraulics & Pneumatics ()
Fall 2017ELPTC 1100306 Programmable Logic Controllers
and INMTC 1100501 Introduction to Industrial Maintenance
and ENERC 1103001 Basic Mechanic Skills for Energy
and BUSGC 210202 Work Skills for the Workplace
RBTC 1401 Programmable Controllers
Fall 2017BUSGC 210202 Work Skills for the WorkplacePTRT 1191 Employment Prep

 Pharmacy Technology

Effective DateCE Course(s)Credit Course(s)
October 12, 2000PHRA 1005, Drug ClassificationPHRA 1305, Drug Classification
October 12, 2000PHRA 1013, Community Pharmacy PracticePHRA 1413, Community Pharmacy Practice
October 12, 2000PHRA 1049, Institutional Pharmacy PracticePHRA 1449, Institutional Pharmacy Practice
October 12, 2000PHRA 1009, Pharmacy Math IPHRA 1309, Pharmaceutical Mathematics I
October 12, 2000PHRA 1047, Pharmacy Math IIPHRA 1347, Pharmaceutical Mathematics II
October 12, 2000PHRA 1004, Pharmacotherapy and Disease ProcessPHRA 1304, Pharmacotherapy and Disease Process
October 12, 2000PHRA 1043, Pharmacy Technology Certification ReviewPHRA 1143, Pharmacy Technician Certification Review
October 12, 2000PHRA 1045, Admixture and Sterile CompoundingPHRA 1345, Compounding Sterile Preparations
October 12, 2000PHRA 1002, Pharmacy LawPHRA 1102, Pharmacy Law

 Professional Office Technology

Effective DateCE Course(s)Credit Course(s)
August 28, 2003CPOFM 2102701, Medical Insurance ComprehensivePOFM 1327, Medical Insurance
August 28, 2003CPOFT 2100108, Business CommunicationsPOFT 1301, Business English
August 28, 2003CPOFT2100903, Administrative Office Proced I CompPOFT 1309, Admin Office Procedures I
August 28, 2003CPOFT2102901, Keyboard & Document Format CompPOFT 1329, Beginning Keyboarding
August 28, 2003CPOFT2200101, Doc. Format & Skillbuilding CompPOFT 2301, Intermediate Keyboarding
August 28, 2003CITSW2100101, Word Processing Introduction CompITSW 1301, Intro to Word Processing
August 28, 2003CPOFT 2102501, Business Computations, CompPOFT 1325, Business Math Using Technology

 Visual Communications

Effective DateCE Course(s)Credit Course(s)
Sept 14, 2004CARTC 2100202 Digital Imaging 1ARTC 1302 Digital Imaging I
Sept 14, 2004CARTC 2101302 Digital PublishingARTC 1313 Digital Publishing I
Sept 14, 2004CARTC 2101701 Design Communication 1ARTC 1317 Design Communication I
Sept 14, 2004CARTC 2105301 Computer IllustrationARTC 1353 Computer Illustration
Sept 14, 2004CIMED 2100101 Introduction to MultimediaIMED 1301 Introduction to Digital Media
Sept 14, 2004CIMED 2101605 Web Page Design 1IMED 1316 Web Design I
Sept 14, 2004CRTVB 2102501 TV Studio ProductionRTVB 1325 TV Studio Production