(PLA) Prior Learning Assessment by High School Articulation

High School Articulation is an agreement to match high school career and technical education (CTE) courses with college CTE courses. Lone Star College (LSC) participates in the Advanced Technical Credit (ATC) program. Texas high school graduates may receive college credit for high school ATC designated courses at any participating community college in the state of Texas. Local articulation agreements with LSC are not required for any Texas school district participating in the ATC program. LSC credit is offered for ATC high school courses aligned with college-level CTE courses in the current edition of the catalog for any high school graduate across the state. Furthermore, college credit is awarded for ATC courses taught by high school teachers meeting ATC requirements. For more information on the ATC state-wide program, please visit the Texas ATC Website.

ATC courses are available in multiple LSC career and technical programs of study. Students may begin taking ATC courses as a freshman and/or sophomore in high school but must continue to take courses in the same program of study in their junior or senior year to qualify for college credit.  ATC credits earned may be applied to course requirements leading to a certificate and/or an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree at LSC. In addition, some universities may accept career and technical educational courses in Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) program. Students interested in learning how ATC courses will apply to their intended program of study are encouraged to speak to an LSC academic advisor or visit LSC Articulation and Transfer Services.

Finally, LSC may develop local articulation agreements with independent school districts, charter, and private schools to offer additional course options and are designed for college credit through LSC only.  For more information regarding ATC program and local articulation agreements, please view our comparison chart or see your high school counselor or LSC academic advisor.