(PLA) Prior Learning Assessment by Non-Regionally Accredited College or University

This assessment option is required for evaluating transcripts from institutions not accredited by one of the seven (7) regional accreditors. Eligibility criteria specific to this assessment must be met before requesting a transcript evaluation. To determine whether the eligibility criteria are met, contact an advisor. Once an advisor confirms eligibility, students may move forward with the faculty evaluation process.

Credit Evaluation

An application with transcript, course syllabus/syllabi, and business office receipt should be submitted for faculty evaluation. Faculty will review the transcript and course syllabus/syllabi for course equivalency and rigor. In addition to course equivalency and rigor, LSC course credit is awarded when faculty identify the following:

  • Student earned a grade of C or above in the course.
  • Course is equivalent to a LSC course.
  • All prerequisites for the LSC course equivalent are met.
  • Some institutions use quarter hour terms rather than semester hour terms. Quarter hour conversions must be close to semester credit hours for the equivalent LSC course. (See the Quarter Hour Conversion Chart below.)
Quarter Hour Conversion Chart
Quarter HoursCredit Hours
 1 0.67
 2 1.34
 3 2.01
 4 2.68
 5 3.35
 6 4.02
 7 4.69
 8 5.36


 Foreign Languages

Course #Course NameIndustry Training or Requirements
CHIN 1411Beginning Chinese IFulbright-Consortium Study Abroad in Taiwan