View Grades & Feedback for a Quiz

The access you have to your quiz after you have taken it depends on the settings the instructor has chosen for submission views.

To see the grade and feedback for your quiz.

  1. Go to the navbar and click on Course Activities Quizzes.
  2. Click on the arrow next to the name of the quiz and choose Submissions.
    Identifies the Submissions option.
  3. Or click on the quiz in Content. and Choose View Submissions from the dropdown menu.
    Identifies the View Submission option.
  4. You can view your quiz score on the Quiz Submissions page.The grade for each attempt is to the right of each attempt.
    Shows the score area
  5. View your answers and feedback as released by your instructor by clicking on Attempt #.
  6. Click on the Feedback icon to view instructor feedback.
    Identifies the Feedback bubble.
    • If learning objectives are associated with your quiz submission, they also display here.
  7. To see if your instructor gave feedback on individual answers, click on the Attempt link.
  8. Then click on the View Feedback link. If there is no View Feedback link, the instructor has not left feedback for that question.Identifies the View Feedback link.
NOTE:  Grades and statistical information are not available until they are released or published by the instructor. Contact your instructor if you are not able to see your grade or feedback.