Creating and Inserting a Video Note Attachment

Video Note is available in any tool with an HTML editor. 

Using Record Video

  1. From the Attachments area of the tool you are in, click Record Video.
    Identifies the Record Button.
  2. When the Flash player prompts you to allow camera and microphone access, click Allow.
    [This no longer works in some browsers. If you have this problem see note below.]
  3. Click New Recording and record your video. 
  4. Click Stop Recording when you finish recording.
    Indicates the Stop Recording button.  
  5. To preview your video note, click the Shows the play button. Play button.
  6. To re-record your note, click New Recording. If you are satisfied with your recording, click Add.Identifies Add button 
  7. Enter a title and description of your video note. The text you provide in these fields becomes searchable if users have permission to search and insert other people's video notes.
    Shows Title and Description Fields.
  8. Click AddIdentifies Add button
NOTE: If you are unable to record using Video Note, you can create a video file in other software and use Add a File to upload your video.

Using Insert Stuff

  1. In the HTML Editor, click the Insert Stuff icon.Identifies Insert Stuff button in HTML editor toolbar
  2. Click Video Note.Identifies Video Note selection
  3. Follow the instructions from Using Record Video above.
  4. If you are satisfied with your recording click Next.Identifies Next button
  5. You can preview the video note before you insert it but you may have to refresh the screen first.Identifies Refresh Preview button
  6. Click Insert to insert the file into the HTML editor or use the Back button to return to the previous page if you wish to re-record your video.Identifies insert button
  7. Click Submit to complete the process.Identifies submit button