Navigating D2L

Pages in D2L have been designed so that the layout is similar across all courses. 

The Minibar

Shows the Minibar.

The Minibar shows from left to right:

  • The Lone Star College-Online logo links to My Home. Click on it to see your course list.
  • The name of the course you are currently in is next.
  • The course list icon brings up a list of your courses and enables you to pin them to the top of the list. Click a pin icon to do so.
  • The Alerts:
    • Messages alert: Unread mail
    • Subscriptions alert: New posts in subscribed discussions 
    •  Updates alert: New announcements, dates, new & updated grades
  • Your name and Personal Menu
    Shows the personal menu items.
  1. Click on your name to access the Personal menu.
  2. Click on an item to edit settings, view progress or log out.
    1. Profile
    2. Notifications
    3. Account Settings
    4. Progress
    5. Logout

 The Navbar

Shows the Navbar.

  • Content: Takes you to the learning materials provided to you by your instructor.
  • Grades: View current grades.
  • Course Activities: Assessments currently available.
    • Assignments
    • Attendance
    • Class Progress
    • Quizzes
  • Collaboration: Tools that may be used in the course for communication.
    • Chat
    • Classlist
    • Discussions
    • Email
    • ePortfolio
    • Groups
    • WebEx
  • Support: Other provisions available.
    • Faculty Assessment Information
    • Syllabus Search
    • System Check Tool
    • Technical Support
    • Virtual Learning Assistance Center