Participating in Discussions

How to Access Discussions

  1. Click on Communication on the navbar and select Discussions.Identifies Discussions option.
  2. The Discussions List screen appears. Identifies the Discussions list.
  3. Click on the desired discussion topic link, and the discussion threads will appear.
    Identifies a discussion topic.
  4. To search within the topic for a particular discussion post, enter the search topic in the Search box and click the  Search icon.

Participating in Discussions

  1. Click the Start a New Thread button to begin a new threaded discussion.Shows Start a New Thread buttonOr click on Reply after clicking on an existing thread.
    Shows Reply button.
  2. Enter a subject and the body of your discussion post. (It is best to not edit the Subject if you are replying to a post.)
    Identifies Subject and body fields.
  3. Shows Add attachments link.

    Check the Subscribe to this thread checkbox if you want to receive notifications when the thread has new posts. 

  4. You can also add an attachment to this discussion post by clicking the Add attachments link, then you can upload your file (or add a video or audio recording).

    Identifies the Upload button.
  5. When you have completed entering all the data for the post, click the Post button. 

    Identifies the Post button.

See also Grid View and Reading View and Threaded and Unthreaded Posts.