Submitting to an Assignment Folder

How to submit your file(s) to a Dropbox.

  1. Navigate to the Dropbox list by clicking Assessments in the Navbar, followed by Dropbox.Identifies Assessments link in the Navbar
  2. Open the Dropbox you are submitting to by clicking on the name of the Dropbox.
    Indicates dropbox names
  3. Click Add a File.
    Identifies the Add a File button in dropboxes
  4. Select the source location of the file in the Add a File window. My Computer in this example.
  5. Click the UPLOAD button.
    Identifies Source area and upload button
  6. Locate the file you wish to submit and double click to add it or click it once to select the file then click the Open button.

    The selected file shows in the Add a File window.
    NOTE: The file size limit is 250 MB.
  7. Click ADD.
    Identifies Add button
  8. Back on the Dropbox screen, click SUBMIT to complete your submission.
    Identifies Submit button
  9. Confirm the uploaded files are listed, the submission date and time, and that an email was sent confirming the submission.
  10. Click DONE.
    Identifies Done button