Threaded and Unthreaded Posts

Discussions Settings

  1. Click on Communication on the navbar and select Discussions.
    Identifies Discussions option.
  2. The Discussions List screen appears.
    Identifies the Discussions list.
  3. Click on the Settings button in the top right corner of the screen.
    Identifies the Settings button.
  4. Select Grid View.

Threaded Posts

Threaded posts allow you to see a list of posts nested according to the thread they are related to if you are in Grid view.Shows grid view of discussions

Unthreaded Posts

Unthreaded posts allow you to see the posts in chronological order if you are in Grid view.Shows unthreaded posts.

Discussion Settings

  1. Go to Settings in the upper right on the Discussions list.
    Identifies the Settings link.
  2. Choose Grid view.
    Shows Default view options.
  3. Then choose the threading style.
    Shows the Threaded, Unthreaded options.
  4. Choose your preferred settings, then click Save.

See also Grid View and Reading View and Participating in Discussions.