Using Pulse

Signing into Brightspace Pulse

  1. Tap on “Pick Your School.” Search for and choose “Lone Star College.”
  2. Sign in to MyLoneStar using your LSC username and password.
    Indicates Pick Your School button    Identifies Lone Star College.
NOTE: The main difference between Pulse for iOS and Pulse for Android is the color of the app header. The header is white in iOS and blue on Android.

Interface Overview  

  1. Shows the interface.The  Calendar tab (located at the bottom of the screen) includes Week and Schedule sub-tabs (located at the top of the screen) to toggle between the views:
    • In Week view, the activity list only shows activities for the selected day, and the graph displays the week's activities at a glance.
    • Schedule displays a list of all activities for the duration of your courses, and the graph does not display.
  2. In Week view, the graph indicates which days are the busiest.
    • Navigate weeks by swiping left/right. As you navigate, the activity list updates.
    • Tapping a day updates the activity list.
  3. The activity summary displays the active date.
  4. The activity list displays the following activities: To-dos, Readings, Assignments, or Evaluations.
    • Navigate activities by swiping up or down.
    • Swiping left/right moves to the next/previous week. As you navigate, the graph updates.
    • Tapping an activity displays detailed information and actions you can perform.
    • Tapping a  checkmark icon marks the activity as complete
  5. Fill in any gaps in your schedule by tapping the  Add activity icon.
  6. Tap the  Course filter icon to edit course names or filter by Courses and Activities.
  7. View course content updates from Brightspace Learning Environment by tapping the  Notifications icon.
  8. Identifies the Android Settings icon.Tap the  Settings icon to log out, provide feedback, or view the version number. On Android the Settings icon is three lines.
  9. Now you can see your Course List and the Table of Contents by clicking  Course List icon.
    Shows Table of Contents.

Activity categories in Brightspace Pulse

Brightspace Pulse displays the following activity categories, which are mapped from the D2L Brightspace Learning Environment:

Bright Space Pulse Activity Icons
Icon Activity Brightspace Tools
Shows assignment icon.



Dropbox folder, Discussion topic, Checklist, Survey

Shows Quiz or Grade icon


Quiz, Grade item

Shows the Content topic icon


Content topic

SHows the To Do activity icon.

To Do

None. A To Do activity is personal data created in Pulse by the student.

Viewing and editing activities

From the activity list, tapping an activity displays more details.

Activity details in Brightspace Pulse

  1. Shows the Activity Details.Activity Title and Course.
NOTE: You can easily distinguish between personal activities you created in Brightspace Pulse and activities created by your instructors in Brightspace Learning Environment. A personal activity is identified by a Personal label:Example of a Personal Label
  1. Activity details:
    • Due date.
    • Time.
    • Grade worth. (This value is initially empty and must be set by the student.)
    • Activity notes. (For example, special instructions for an assignment.)
  2. Tap Open in Safari (iOS) or Open in Browser (Android) to open the activity in Brightspace Learning Environment (for example, an exam in the Quizzes tool). 
    IMPORTANT: It is recommended that you take tests and make submissions using a computer.
  3. Tap Edit to edit the activity details.
NOTE: When editing an activity created in Brightspace Learning Environment, the Title and Grade worth fields are the only editable fields.

Calendar Views - Schedule & Week

  • In the Week view, you see a graph of the activities you have due during a given week.
  • Slide the graph left or right to see different weeks.
  • If you tap on a certain date, you will see exactly what is due on that date.
    Identifies a day and its assignment.
  1. To see your assignments in a list view, tap the icon at the top of the courses screen that says Schedule.
    Identifies the Schedule icon.
  2. Mark an activity as done by tapping the checkmark next to the title of the assignment.Shows the course list.Indicates the checkmark icon.
  3. Choose the courses from which you would like to see information.
    1. Tap the  Course filter icon.
    2. Remove the checkmark from classes you do not want to see.

Notification Views - Updates and Subscriptions

Tap on the   Notifications icon. 

  • Tap on Updates to view a grade or list of new items in a course.
    1. Tap on the assignment.
    2. Then swipe left to display the grade.
      Shows the graded item and the grade.
  • Tap on Subscriptions
  1. Subscribed topics are listed. Those that have updates will have a number showing how many updates are available in each topic.Shows topics and updates.
  2. For discussions you have subscribed to you can read all the posts in the thread. At the bottom of the screen, you will find a field where you can reply to the thread.
    IMPORTANT: It is recommended that you take tests, post or submit graded activities using a computer.

Log out of Brightspace Pulse

  1. Tap the Settings icon:  (iOS)   (Android)
  2. Tap Sign Out.