Wrong Class Listed

Instructors have the ability to merge similar classes. You may see a course similar to the one you signed up for. Also, at times due to enrollment, sections may be combined.


  • Try refreshing the browser to be sure the page displayed is current.
  • See if the section number is listed in your course list in the Student Center in the MyLonestar portal.
  • Email the instructor if the Classlist in the course shows the correct instructor. 
  • Verify your course enrollment documentation, note the name and section number of the correct course (e.g. PSYC-2301 1001).

Contact the Instructor

Contact the Service Desk

Contact the Service Desk to document the problem. The technician will document the issue and provide you with an incident number.

Please have the following information ready:

  • Class name with section number of both the incorrect class and the correct class (e.g. PSYC-2302 1001 vs. PSYC-2301 1001).

Call 832.813.6600 (toll free 866.614.5014)