Progress Overview

Access the Progress Tool 

  1. Go to the Personal Menu.
  2. Click Progress.Identifies Progress in the Personal menu.
  • The Progress interface consists of three main areas:
    • The User Information area
    • The Reports List area
    • The Report Details area

The Reports List area of Class Progress shows other courses you can check when you access it from My Home.

The Progress interface with the Summary view of a course selected.

  1. Click on an item in the list to see your progress for that item.

Identifies a test

Reasons to use the Progress tool

  • Track your progress in a course by measuring the completion of 9 different progress indicators:
    • Grades
    • Objectives
    • Content
    • Discussions
    • Dropbox
    • Quizzes
    • Checklist
    • Surveys
    • Login History