Progress Overview

Access the Class Progress Tool

Identifies the Reports List and the current grade.Identifies Progress in the Personal menu.
  1. Go to the Personal Menu.
  2. Click Progress.​
    The Progress interface consists of three main areas:
  • The User Information area
  • The Reports List area
  • The Report Details area
  1. Click on an item in the Reports list to see your progress for that item.Shows the Assignments Progress Report.
NOTE: From the D2L Home page, Class Progress shows each of your courses in the Reports list area.

Reasons to use the Progress tool

  • Track your progress in a course by measuring the completion of 9 different progress indicators:
    • Grades
    • Objectives
    • Content
    • Discussions
    • Dropbox
    • Quizzes
    • Checklist
    • Surveys
    • Login History