Add a YouTube Video to an Assignment Submission or Post

You can add a YouTube video anywhere you find the Insert Stuff button in a WYSIWYG/HTML editor.Identifies the Insert Stuff icon in the editor toolbar.

  1. Inside the WYSIWYG/HTML editor (wherever you are using it: News, Content, Dropbox Instructions, Discussion Prompt, etc.), click on the first button in the toolbar – Insert Stuff.Identifies the YouTube and Enter Embed Code options.
  2. Click on the YouTube icon and search for a video relevant to your content.

  3. If you find the video you want here, select it and click Next. Some videos are not allowed to be embedded. These videos will place a link instead.

If you cannot find the video in your search

  1. If the YouTube search box does not find a video you already know exists on YouTube, go to the YouTube site and find the video and its embed code.

  2. Click the Insert Stuff button then click Enter Embed Code to insert the video embed code you got from the YouTube website
NOTE:  You can find instructions on copying the embed code here: