Share ePortfolio Presentations

Share via a Sharing List

  1. Click on Collaboration on the navbar and choose ePortfolio.
  2. Click the down arrow next to the Title of the presentation you wish to share, then click Share.
    Identifies Share
  3. Click Add Users and Groups.
    Identifies Add Users and Groups
  4. Select names or groups from the list provided or search for a specific user by placing a quotation mark (") BEFORE typing the name in the Search field. Identifies quoted name in Search Field
  5. Select the user and click the Share button to share your presentation.
    Identifies Share button
  6. Your selected user now shows in the Sharing List. Click the Edit Permissions icon to change these settings as desired.Identifies Edit PermissionsShows the permission options.
  7. To remove the permissions granted to the user click the Remove Permissions icon.
    Identifies Remove Permissions
  8. Click the Close button at the bottom of the screen to return to ePortfolio once all desired names or groups have been selected and permissions set.Identifies Close
  9. The user you are sharing with must click the Shared Items filter in ePortfolio to see your shared presentation.Identifies Shared Items filter
  10. You may also send an optional invitation to your recipient to view the shared presentation by checking the box on the name, followed by Send Invite.Identifies Send Invite
  11. To remove a user from your sharing list, place a checkmark in the box beside the name and click the Remove Permissions icon. This will delete the user entirely from your sharing list.
    Identifies Name selection checkbox and identifies Remove Permissions icon
  12. You can also control the visibility shared items by clicking Show Visibility Options.
    Identifies Show Visibility Options
  13. You can choose to have your shared presentation Always Visible, Always Hidden, or you may set a date range that will allow the item to be visible between the starting and ending dates only. Once the end date expires your item will no longer be visible to the shared user. Click Save after you select your options.
    Identifies date visibility options and identifies Save button
  14. Click Close to return to ePortfolio.