View Scores and Feedback in a TurnItIn Assignment

How to View TurnItIn Scores

  1. Navigate to Assignments → Under the Completion Status column, click on the [Submission link].

  2. Click on the [percentage bar] under the Turnitin Similarity Report column.

  3. If this is your first time clicking on the Turnitin icon, the Turnitin EULA page will display, click [I Agree].
    You'll be able to view your scores after this step.

How to View TurnItIn Feedback from an Instructor

If your instructor set up an assignment so that you can view Similarity Reports or Online Grading feedback, you can use the following steps to locate the results and feedback.

  1. Click [Course Activities] on the NavBar and choose Assignments.

    Identifies the Assignments option.

  2. On the Assignment Submission Folders page, find the assignment you're looking for and click [Unread] (or [Read]) in the Evaluation Status column to access the grade and any written feedback for a submission.

    Identifies the

  3. Click on the percentage bar under Turnitin Similarity Report or on View Turnitin Online Grading to view your marked paper in the Feedback Studio. The Turnitin Similarity Report percentage reflects your similarity score. This illustrates the degree of resemblance between your submitted assignment and other submissions found in our institution's database, Turnitin's repository, and online sources.

    Identifies the Similarity column with Turnitin Similarity score & Grademark link in the feedback column.

  4. The image below shows an example of a Similarity Report. Instructor remarks are highlighted in blue. Internet sources are denoted by numbered references, each distinguished by a unique color. Instructors may provide overall feedback under Feedback Summary

    Identifies View Feedback button on the Turnitin Button Bar.
  5. If your instructor enables the ETS e-rater grammar check, clicking the e-rater link on the right will show your grammar feedback.