Use Classlist

Classlist is the roster of the students, instructors, and others enrolled in the course.

  1. Click on Collaboration on the navbar and select Classlist.
    Identifies the Classlist option.
  2. The Classlist screen appears.(not shown)
  3. Click on the Students tab to display students who are registered in the class.  Click on the Faculty tab to see only faculty members.
    Identifies the Student and Faculty tabs.
  4. Click on the View By drop-down arrow to see the Classlist sorted by User, by Group or by Section.
    Shows the search feature.
  5. Click the Apply button to apply your search choices. You may enter a name in the search field to search for a specific person. Click the magnifying glass to start the search.
  6. Check the box next to the name(s) of students or faculty and select one of the following options: 
    • Email.
    • Instant Message.
    • Print.
      Shows classlist options.