Use Discover Tool

Use the Discover Tool to Enroll in Courses

  1. From the D2L Homepage, click [Collaboration] on the Navbar and choose [Discover].

    Indicates Collaboration menu and Discover menu item
  2. A list of courses that are available for self-enrollment will appear. Click on the course you would like to enroll in. You can also use the [Search] bar to search for a specific course.

    Identifies possible course to click on

  3. You will see the tile of the course and information about the start and end dates. Click [Enroll in Course] below the title to Enroll.

  4. You will see a pop-up message confirming that you have enrolled. Click [OK].

    Identifies OK button

  5. Click on the button that says [Open Course] to enter the course you've just enrolled in.

    Identifies Open Course button