Add a Video Note in a Discussion Post Using Insert Stuff

You can add a video note within your discussion posts to add interest and depth.

Use Insert Stuff to Add a Video to Your Discussion Post

  1. In your post, click on the [Insert Stuff] icon.

    Identifies Insert Stuff button

  2. Click on [Add Video Note].

    Identifies Add Video Note

  3. You will see a window with a preview of what will be in the video. To start recording, click the [New Recording] button.

    Identifies New Recording button

    NOTE: If you cannot begin recording a popup window may be asking if you want to allow D2L to use your camera and microphone. Make sure to choose the correct hardware if there is a choice. (The list will vary based on your hardware and software.)
    Shows camera and audio selector dialog box.

  4. Once you have finished recording your video, click the [Stop Recording] button, then the [Next] button.

    Identifies Stop Recording button

  5. Fill out the field with information about your video, then click the [Next] button.

    Shows video information screen and identifies Next button

  6. Depending on various factors, your video may take longer to process. You can click the [Refresh Preview] button until you see the video in the window.

    Identifies Refresh Preview button

  7. Once the preview appears, you can click the arrow to watch the video. If you are satisfied with it, click the [Insert] button to put the video into your discussion post.

    Identifies Insert button

  8. You will see your video embedded into your discussion post, and you can continue with your post.

    Shows video in post