Brainfuse Online Tutoring

Brainfuse is an online tutoring service that provides live, on-demand help and is currently available to all students. Students can also schedule appointments with LSC-registered tutors through Brainfuse Tutor Match.

Brainfuse provides:

Accessing Brainfuse

  1. In myLoneStar, click LSC-Online.

    Identifies the Online Tutoring link.

  2. Click Online Tutoring.

Brainfuse Services

Brainfuse offers two services that LSC student can take advantage of: Tutor Match and Live Tutoring. When you click on a Brainfuse link, you will be taken to the Brainfuse Dashboard.

Shows Brainfuse dashboard

Tutor Match

Tutor Match allows you to make an appointment with an LSC-registered tutor. This service is free to use and has no time cap.

To schedule an appointment, in the Tutor Match box, select a topic and a subject and click the Schedule button.

Indicates Tutor Match scheduling

For more information on Tutor Match, see Use TutorMatch in Brainfuse

Live Tutoring

If there are no tutors available in Tutor Match, the student can choose Live Tutoring. Live Tutoring provides instant access to an online Brainfuse tutor. 

To connect with a live tutor, in the Live Help box, select a topic and a subject and click the Connect button.

Identifies Live Help option