Exclude Select Courses From Notifications

In the Notifications Tool, you have the option to exclude certain courses from sending notifications.

NOTE: For information on setting up Notifications, see the article Set Up Notifications.

Access the Notifications Tool

  1. On the D2L homepage, click [Notifications] from your personal menu on the minibar.

    Notifications Icon

Manage Course Exclusions

  1. At the bottom of the Notifications Settings page, click [Manage my course exclusions].

    Manage my course exclusions option

  2. This will open the Manage Course Exclusions window. In this window you will have multiple options for excluding notifications from courses:
    1. You can [Search] the list of courses to look for a specific course to exclude.
    2. You can click [Exclude All Courses] to exclude all of your courses from sending notifications.
    3. Clicking the [X] next to any course will exclude that course from sending notifications.

      Where to find the A, B, and C options listed above

  3. If you wish to restore notifications for currently excluded courses, you can:
    1. Use the [Search] to look for a specific course to restore.
    2. Click [Restore excluded courses] to restore notifications for all currently excluded courses.
    3. Click the [Restart] icon next to any course to restore just that course, it replaces the [X] icon for any currently excluded courses.

      Where to find the A and B options listed above

  4. Once you have excluded or restored notifications for the courses you wish to, click [Close].

  5. This will return you to the Notifications Tool. The courses you excluded from sending notifications will be listed under Exclude Some Courses. When you are done, click [Save].

    Exclusion Confirmation and Save