Create an ePortfolio Presentation

  1. Click on Collaboration on the navbar and then choose ePortfolio.
    Identifies the ePortfolio link in Collaboration menu
  2. Choose My Items and click on New Presentation.
    Indicates My Items tab and identifies the New Presentation button.
  3. On the Properties tab:
    • Enter a Name (required). 
    • Enter Description (optional).
    • Enter Tags (optional).
      Suggested entries: Presentation, Subject, Last Name
      Shows the Properties tab.
  4. Click Content/Layout tab (the presentation is auto-saved when switching tabs).
    • The Edit Presentation Navigation and Edit Page Layout links are both optional and most often left as default.
    • Pages pane: This will contain each of the sections of the presentation. 
    • Content Area 1 pane: Contains the main body of content of the selected Page.
    • Content Area 2 pane: Contains the minor body of content of the selected Page.
      Identifies the Content/Layout tab.
  5. Click the down arrow next to the default New Page, then click Page Properties.
    Indicates Drop Down arrow and Identifies Page Properties.
  6. Change the Title as needed then click Save.
  7. Click Add Component under Content Area 1.
  8. Add the desired type of content.
    (For this example, select “Reflection.”)
    Identifies a component option.
  9. To add a new page, click the New Page icon under the Pages pane.
    Identifies the New Page icon.
  10. Change the title as needed and click Save.
    • The Content Area 1 and 2 panes will update to show the newly created page’s content.
  11. Repeat steps above to add content to this new content page. 
    • Examples include:
      • Artifact
      • Text Area (HTML Editor)
      • Form entry fields
      • Reflections
  12. Click the Banner tab, then enter a banner title and description. Both are optional but suggested. 
    • Theme selection is optional.
      Identifies the Banner tab.
  13. To preview the presentation at any time, either:
    • Click the View Presentation link near the title;
      Identifies View Presentation link.
    • Click the down arrow next to the title and choose View.
      Indicates Drop Down arrow and Identifies the View option
  14. Click Close to exit the presentation once you are finished editing it.