View Grades in D2L

Access course grades from the navbar.
Identifies Grades in Navbar
If you do not see the grades you are expecting, contact your instructor.

Final Calculated Grade 

Final Calculated Grade may not be visible until the end of the term. This setting is made by the instructor of the course.  If you do see it in the term, it shows how you are doing up to the last item graded.

  • You may see your grade as points, percentage or letter. You may also see a calculator icon. This is the How Final Grade was Calculated link. Click it to see how the grades were calculated. For more information, contact your instructor.

Identifies How Final Grade Was Calculated icon

Grade Items

Each item calculated in your grade should be visible under Grade Items. In this list, you may also see your individual grades as points, percentage or letter. For more information, contact your instructor.

You may see  the class average icon. Clicking on this will show you how your grade compares to the rest of the class. For more information, contact your instructor.

Dropped Grades

If your instructor is dropping any grades, you will see "Dropped!" below the grade. If you have questions about this, contact your instructor.

Identifies Class Average, Grades and Points

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