Placement Tests

Proper course placement during the first year is critical to fostering student success in college. Placement tests help to ensure that students enroll in courses that best match their academic skills and prior learning experiences.

  • See Placement Testing for detailed information.
  • Cost is listed on the Placement Testing page. The fee must be paid to the campus Business Office prior to testing.
  • Students should plan to be at the testing center 5 hours prior to closing.
  • If you do not have other test scores such as SAT/ACT/STAAR/TAKS/TAAS or another exemption from placement testing, you are required to take the test.
  • See an Academic Advisor to determine if you need testing and which section(s) you are required to take.

Fully Online students and students enrolled in an online EDUC 1300 class may chat with an online advisor.

Live Chat

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See also Advising Services for Online Students.