Online Proctored Testing (Exams)

What Is A Proctored Exam?

Some courses require students to take proctored exams. A proctored exam is supervised either at an in-person testing center or by an online proctor.

Lone Star College Testing Centers provide a variety of testing services to students, including but not limited to Placement Exams, Make-up Exams/LSC-Online Exams, Correspondence Exams, Challenge Exams, Foreign Language Exams, and Exams for students approved for ADA Accommodations.

Remote Options

Respondus LockDown Browser

Respondus LockDown Browser is software students can download that controls the computer during a test, preventing the student from accessing other software, files, or the internet.


Examity is a live proctoring solution utilized by Lone Star College that allows online and distance learners to take proctored exams without needing to visit a Testing Center. All quizzes taken in Examity, with the exception of Practice Quizzes, are taken by students in front of a live Proctor, who will monitor your surroundings and entire desktop throughout the exam. There is no cost to students to use Examity.

See Proctoring Options for Online Quizzes for comparison.