Group Work in a Course

An instructor may set up a group project. You should have links in Content to the Group Assignment, and Group Discussion. But the other pieces are found in the Group in Collaboration. Here are the possible group components.

  1. In the class go to Collaboration > Groups.
  2. You will see a chart like this:Identifies group project and parts.

A. The name of the group category name.

B. The group number you are assigned to.

C. Number of students in your group. [Click on this to see a list of your group members.]

D. The assignment submission folder if their is an assignment.

E. The discussion topic if there is a discussion assigned.

F. The group locker for sharing files within your groups.

G. Email icon to email the group.

See also Enroll in a Group and  Submitting Group Work to an Assignment Folder.