Contact Your Instructor

You have two choices for contacting your instructor - in D2L or through the external Lone Star email system.  You can try using one or both; once courses have started, your professors will generally tell you how they prefer to be contacted.

Contact the Instructor in D2L

  1. Click on your course in the My Courses Widget.
  2. Click on Collaboration and choose Classlist.
  3. Click on the Faculty tab, then click the faculty member's name.

    Identifies Faculty tab and indicates Faculty Name
  4. A window will pop up in which you can compose your email. The professor's D2L email address will be in the To: field and the course name will be in the Subject: field.

    Identifies To and Address field

Contact the Instructor Outside D2L

  1. Use the Contact Directory to locate your instructor's contact information.
  2. Use your email address to email your instructor's email address.