View Grades and Feedback on an Assignment

Assignment feedback can be viewed through Class Progress, Grades, and within the Assignments list. 

Class Progress

  1. Click Course Activities on the navbar and select Class Progress.
    Indicates Course Activities link and identifies Class Progress link.
  2. Click Assignments under the table of contents on the left side of the page.
  3. Click the arrow to view details for each assignment you have submitted.
  4. Click the link to view feedback for that assignment.
    Identifies Assignments link and View Inline Feedback link. Indicates submission details drop down.


  1. Click Grades on the course's navbar.
    Identifies Grades link in the navbar.
  2. Click the link in the Feedback column to view feedback for a specific assignment.
    Identifies View Inline Feedback link in Grades.


  1. Click Course Activities on the navbar and choose Assignments.
    Identifies Assignments.
  2. On the Assignment Submission Folders page, find the assignment you're looking for and click Unread (or Read) in the Evaluation Status column to access the grade and any written feedback for a submission.
  3. Click the link to View Inline Feedback.
    Identifies View Inline Feedback link on Assignments page.
  4. Scroll through your paper and review any annotations left by your professor.
    Shows annotations left by instructor on an assignment submission.

See also Viewing Feedback in a Turnitin Assignment.