docReader by ReadSpeaker

docReader by ReadSpeaker is a bimodal content presentation tool designed to enhance learning by reading text from pages within D2L. This technology also offers you the ability to download an audio version of the text as an mp3 file for use on portable devices. 

Bimodal presentation refers to information that is presented in both audio and visual formats at the same time. Bimodal reading refers to the act of reading text while hearing the words at the same time, such as when using speech synthesis software, or reading the text, hearing the words, and having the words (and/or sentences) highlighted at the same time, such as when using text-to-speech software with integrated highlighting.

Using docReader by ReadSpeaker

  1. In any place that docReader is available to read the text, you will see an Open with docReader button.
    Identifies Open with docReader button
  2. The docReader player opens in a new window or tab.
    Shows docReader player window

docReader by ReadSpeaker Functions

The docReader menu above the document.Shows the DocReader toolbar.

Show/Hide Sidebar. Toggles the visibility of the thumbnail/outline sidebar.
Shows the Show/Hide Sidebar button

Page Navigator. Jumps directly to another page in the document.Shows the Page Selector

Play/Pause/Stop. Starts, pauses, or stops the audio.  (Note that the pause button may not be visible in some configurations).
Shows the Play/Pause/Stop button

Layout Mode/Text ModeToggle. Layout mode preserves the original page design, while in text mode,
you can control the appearance of the text, such as typeface, text size, and background/foreground colors.
Shows the Image mode Text mode toggle

More Tools menu
Shows the More menu items.

Settings. Opens/closes settings panel. Identifies Settings button

Page Mask. Dims the screen, except for a highlighted area that follows the mouse pointer, or the finger on touch device to make it easier to focus on a small part of the text at once.Shows Page Mask button
 Reading Ruler. Displays a ruler that follows the mouse pointer, or the finger on touch focusing on one line at a time. Identifies Reading Ruler button
Highlighter. Once you highlight some text, you can Show or Hide with the toggle.Shows the Highlighter and the Show or Hide toggle option.

Download. Doanload the document to your computer or device.
Shows the Download icon.

Save. Save the original document to your computer. Shows Save Original Document button
Help. Open help documentation in a new window.Shows the Help button

On HTML files, you may also see a "Listen" button at the top of the file.

Identifies Listen button

  • Once you press Play, the button will expand to offer more options:
    • The volume icon will regulate the volume.
      Identifies Volume button
    • The speedometer icon will adjust the reading rate.
      Identifies Speedometer Icon
    • Click the Open Toolbar button to expand your options.
      Identifies Open Toolbar button
    • The new expanded toolbar allows you several new options.
      Shows expanded toolbar
      From left to right above:
      • The Gear icon will open a window with a variety of settings you can change.
      • The Reading Language icon will allow you to choose the voice the text is read in.
      • The Hover icon will read the text when you hover over it.
      • The Enlarge Text icon will make your text bigger.
      • The Text Mode icon will open a window that contains only the text.
      • The Page Mask icon will enable a tool that allows you to focus on only a portion of the text and dim the rest. 
      • The Download mp3 icon will download the audio for the text as an mp3 file to your computer.
      • The Question Mark icon will open a ReadSpeaker help window.

    • If you choose to download the mp3 file, you will have to agree to the terms of use.Identifies Agree and Download button
    • To close the mini-player click the X icon.
      Identifies Close button