Respondus Lockdown Browser Helpful Hints

In order to have the best experience using Respondus LockDown Browser, please read these helpful hints.

See also Using Respondus LockDown Browser & Monitor.

BEFORE Running LockDown Browser on your computer:

  • See if your instructor has any special instructions.
  • Make sure your computer meets these minimum requirements
  • Use a supported browser to navigate to the exam and click the Launch LockDown Browser button.
  • Make sure all other programs are stopped or closed.

Before Using LockDown Browser for a Test:

  • Make sure LockDown Browser is required. If a quiz or exam requires the LockDown Browser it will say so in the title.
  • Plan to take the test well before the due date. 
  • Plan to allow plenty of time.

During a Test:

  • To insert Special Characters use the  'symbol' icon at the top of the browser screen.
  • If the LockDown Browser freezes:
    • Try to refresh using the  refresh icon in the toolbar
    • Click the X in the upper right corner of the browser. 
    • Reboot the computer without submitting the quiz.
      This allows you to log back into the test on a different computer if you have not run out of time.
  • Contact the HelpDesk: Student Technical Support

After the test:

  • Let your instructor know what happened in as much detail as possible.
  • Forward any technical documentation you may have received from the helpdesk to your instructor.
  • Send your instructor your support ticket number so they can follow up.

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