Access IntelliWriter in D2L

IntelliWriter is a tool designed for students to check their grammar in written assignments. You can upload various file types or type directly in the tool and format your work easily. The tool also provides helpful resources for improving writing skills and allows you to share your work through email.

Accessing IntelliWriter via Navbar Links

To access IntelliWriter using the Navbar, either from the D2L Homepage, or in a D2L course, you can click [Collaboration], then [Intelliwriter].

Accessing IntelliWriter LTI 1.3 from a Course Link

If your Instructor has linked IntelliWriter in your course, you can click the [IntelliWriter LTI 1.3] link in your course to access the IntelliWriter site.

Getting Started With IntelliWriter for Students

The resources below on IntelliWriter includes some tools to help students get started on IntelliWriter.

IntelliWriter Resources

NOTE: Should you require technical assistance, you can email: or complete and submit the following form: IntelliWriter Support