Change Your Preferred Name in D2L

If you go by a different name than your legal name, you can change that in D2L. You must first change it in myLoneStar.

Change Your Preferred Name in iStar

  1. Log in your myLoneStar account and click the Student tile.
    Identifies Student Tile
  2. Click on the Profile tab.
    Identifies Profile tile
  3. On the profile tab, click the + button to add a new name.
    Identifies the Add button
  4. From the "Type" drop-down menu, choose Preferred. Enter your preferred name in the appropriate fields, then click the Save button in the top right corner of the screen.
    Identifies Preferred option and indicates Save button

Change Your Preferred Name in D2L

Once you have changed your preferred name in iStar, the preferred name will show up in D2L as soon as you either drop or add a class. If you would like it to show up sooner, you can contact the Service Desk once you have made the change in iStar.

NOTE:  Changes to your preferred name will not change your legal name in iStar, your username, or your email. They will only change the way your name is displayed.