Examity - Live Proctoring Solution

Examity is a live proctoring solution utilized by Lone Star College that allows online and distance learners to take proctored exams without needing to visit a Testing Center. All quizzes taken in Examity, with the exception of Practice Quizzes, are taken by students in front of a live Proctor, who will monitor your surroundings and entire desktop throughout the exam. There is no cost to students to use Examity.

Accessing Examity

  1. Open your course in D2L.

  2. Navigate to Content.

  3. Your Instructor will place a link in Content titled [Examity 1.3]. Click this link to access Examity.

NOTE: Students MUST use this link to access all Examity Quizzes. Students can not access an Examity Quiz from Course Activities > Quizzes.

Identifies Examity 1.3 integration link.

NOTE: Examity only supports Google Chrome browser on Windows or Mac desktops/laptops and Chromebooks. Other browsers, as well as iPads and Android tablets, are NOT compatible with Examity. If you are using another browser, or your version of Chrome is not up-to-date, you will see the following:

System Check with Browser not compatible error

Clicking the red [Chrome] icon will bring up the following message:

Browser Requirements with link to download Chrome
You will see this message regardless of if your version of Chrome is out-of-date or if you are using a browser other than Google Chrome. If you do not have Chrome, click [Click here] to download Chrome, and if you see this message while using Chrome, refer to this Google article on Updating Google Chrome.

Creating your Profile

  1. Confirm your Contact Information and your Time Zone. Then click [Next].

    Step 1 of Profile Setup: Add your Information

    NOTE: Confirm that your Time Zone reflects the location in which you will be testing. We recommend selecting
    the check box next to [Automatically Set Time Zone] so that Examity will choose the right time zone for you
    based on your location.

  2. Upload a picture of your ID (a valid government-issued photo ID) by selecting either [Take a Picture] or [Upload an Image], then click [Next]. Please note, 

    Step 2 of Profile Setup: Upload your Photo ID

    NOTE: For verification purposes, you will need to have your Photo ID with you every time you take a quiz in Examity.

  3. Select and answer three Challenge Questions, then click [Complete Profile Setup].

    Step 3 of Profile Setup: Create Challenge Questions

  4. Your profile has now been created. You should see the confirmation screen shown below. Before proceeding to the exam
    dashboard, we encourage you to perform a System Check to see if your system meets Examity requirements.
    You can do so by clicking [Check If Your System Meets Examity Requirements] and following the process.

    Profile Setup Complete, we recommend clicking the option to Check System Requirements

  5. For further information on your Examity Profile,  please refer to the Live Proctoring Test-taker Guide.

Scheduling your Exam

  1. Because all Examity quizzes are live-proctored, it is necessary to schedule all quizzes taken in Examity. On your Examity Dashboard, you will see all your courses using Examity and all quizzes that you can Schedule. Choose the quiz you would like to Schedule and click [Schedule Exam].

    Where to Schdule an Exam in Examity.

  2.  This will bring up the Schedule Appointment window. From here choose a Day and Time to Schedule your Exam, and then click [Schedule Appointment].

    The Schedule Appointment window in Examity with where to choose the day, the time, and then where to click Schedule Appointment.

    NOTE: It is strongly recommended that you schedule your Exam session 24 hours in advance. In the event you need to schedule an Exam less than 24 hours in advance, you may see a message stating there is an additional fee. LSC students will not be charged an additional fee, but it is still not recommended to schedule Exams on short notice.

  3. You will receive a Confirmation Email from Examity with your Appointment Date for your Proctored Exam session.

    An example Confirmation Email.

  4. For further information on scheduling and taking quizzes in Examity, please refer to the Live Proctoring Test-taker Guide.

Examity Guide for Test-Takers

Examity has provided the following resources for students. Please refer to these resources for navigating the Examity Dashboard, and taking Exams in Examity. We strongly recommend viewing these before taking any quizzes using Examity.

NOTE: When taking your quiz, you will see a list of test-taking rules that must be followed. Accommodations you have during testing will not be shown, but your Proctor will go over any Accommodations you have before you start the quiz. If there is any issue with the accommodations, please contact your Instructor.

Examity Troubleshooting & Support

  • If you have issues with the Examity website, you can refer to this Troubleshooting Guide provided by Examity:

  • You can also contact Examity Support for Test-Takers via Phone, Email, or via Live-Chat Support. Their Contact Information (phone and email) is provided here:

Accessing Live Chat Support

  1. 24/7 Live-Chat Support can be found on the Examity Dashboard under [Chat with an Expert].

    Chat with an Expert Location in Dashboard

  2. Live Chat Support is also available during an Exam in the Examity Sidebar by going to Help and Tips and clicking [Chat With An Expert].

    Chat with an Expert Location in Sidebar

  3. On the Chat window which opens, choose your type of issue under How can we help?, then click [START CHATTING].

    Chat Window instructions