Access Your Online Courses

Get Started

  1. Login to
  2. Click the LSC-Online tile.
    Indicates LSC-Online tile
  3. If your course is an online or hybrid course, you should see it in the course list under My Courses.
    Shows My Courses widget.
  4. You may also see face-to-face courses listed. Many faculty use D2L to support their students' learning on campus.

If You Do Not See the Course

  1. If you have your instructor’s contact information, let your instructor know that you cannot access the course.
  2. From the D2L Home page, click on Support in the Navbar. This opens the Virtual Learning Assistance Center (VLAC).Identifies Support in the Navbar.
  3. Click on Technical Support in the left menu.
    Shows VLAC menu and Technical Support.
  4. You can email, call, or chat for help.
    If the Chat attendant cannot help you immediately, a ticket will be sent to the LSC-Online department. You will be contacted as soon as possible. Please provide your best contact information so we may reach you.
    Shows contact options.

24/7 Service Desk

If you cannot access D2L, here is the 24/7 help desk contact information:

The Office of Technology Services Service Desk is available to support your technical needs and will forward tickets to LSC-Online as needed.