Proctoring Options for Online Quizzes

Proctoring Online Quizzes

Proctoring a quiz validates its integrity by providing varying levels of supervision for students taking the quiz. Lone Star College offers multiple options for proctoring quizzes.

Lone Star College Testing Centers 

Not Available During COVID-19 Social Distancing

Lone Star College Testing Centers provide in-person proctoring for online quizzes. Students enrolled in online or hybrid courses can take online quizzes at the testing center. Prior arrangements with the testing center must be made by the faculty member. 

In addition, students can find alternate testing centers for completing proctored quizzes outside of LSC. Certified testing centers can be found on the National College Testing Association website. When using alternate testing sites, students are required to complete the Proctor Agreement Form for Alternate Testing Sites and Proctors and submit the completed form to their instructor for approval prior to the quiz. 

Respondus Monitor

Respondus Monitor is a companion application to LockDown Browser that uses webcam and video technology to dissuade cheating during online quizzes. Respondus Monitor is not a live proctoring solution. The webcam recordings are saved and available for review through the Respondus Dashboard within D2L. For more information, you can view the following Overview. The cost mentioned in this video for Respondus LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor is paid for by Lone Star College.

Automated SmarterProctoring

SmarterProctoring offers an automated proctoring service that is available for all courses. This allows students to schedule an exam and be recorded while they take the exam. The video will then be available for your instructor to review. 

  • There is currently no cost to the student for SmarterProctoring.
  • The student cannot take the exam on any mobile device (e.g., an iPad).
  • The student must be using the Chrome browser.
  • The student must have a functioning webcam, microphone, and broadband internet connection.

If activated in a course, students will see a link to SmarterProctoring in the Content area.
SmarterProctering link in student view

Following are some materials you can provide for your students about using Automated SmarterProctoring.

NOTE: If students are concerned about privacy issues related to using their webcams, please direct them to Proctoring and Privacy.


ProctorU provides two online proctoring services:

  • ProctorU Review+ provides live proctored ID verification. Once ID has been verified, the student's webcam and screen are recorded for later review by a live proctor.  Live proctors will review any instances that are flagged by the system as irregular and will escalate all suspicious behavior to the instructor. This service also retains recordings of each session that the instructor can review.
  • ProctorU Live+ is a live online proctoring service which allows students to schedule exam sessions with a live proctor who will monitor the entire testing session. 

NOTE: If students are concerned about privacy issues related to using their webcams, please direct them to Proctoring and Privacy.