My Courses Widget

My Courses Widget Overview

The My Courses widget displays courses as a grid of tiles at the top of your My Home page in D2L. 

Shows the My Courses widget.

Pinning and Unpinning Courses

To pin a course, hover over the course image until you see the Options menu, indicated by three dots. Choose the Pin option to add the course to your Pinned courses. We recommend you pin all your frequently accessed courses. 

Indicates the options icon when mousing over a course tile on the My Courses widget and identifies the

Courses may also be pinned by using the Select a Course grid at the top of the page and clicking the pin icon to right of the course name.

Identifies Pinned courses in Course Selector

Your courses now display under the Pinned heading on the All Courses page and display first in the My Courses widget on the home page.

To unpin a course, use the same Options menu on the course and click Unpin, or click the pin icon on the course image. 

Identifies Unpin option in Course Selector

You can also use the Course selector grid at the top of the All Courses page and click the shaded pin next to the course name.

Indicates the Course Selector Grid icon and identifies the Unpin Course Selector

Course Access Indication

Courses that are not yet open but have been activated will show in your My Courses widget grayed out. Courses that have closed will show up grayed out and with a closed tag.

Shows grayed out icon and identifies Closed badge.

Course notifications will appear at the bottom of a course tile. Click on the notification icons to access the associated course activities. Indicates course notification icons.

Course notifications appear in the following order,

  1. Assignments Shows Assignments notification icon.
  2. Discussions Shows Discussions notification icon.
  3. Quizzes Shows Quizzes notification icon.

Viewing Courses

  • To view only pinned courses, click the Pinned tab at the top of the widget.
    Indicates the pinned course tab in My Courses.
  • To view all of your courses, click the View All Courses link in the widget.Identifies View All Courses link in the My Courses widget.

Sorting and Filtering

On the All Courses page, you will be able to see all of your courses. You can change the order of your courses by using the Sort option in the top right, and choosing the option that you want.
Indicates the My Courses page Sort selector and identifies Sort by Last Accessed.

To find current courses, use the Filter option at the top, and select the current semester.

Indicates Filter by Semester selector and identifies a selected check box.

Additionally, you can use the search bar to find semesters faster. 

Identifies Search field in the Filter Screen.

NOTE: Your Sort and Filter selections will reset when you leave the All Courses screen.